Sunday Church Service is at 10:30 A.M.



*Tuesday-10am-Women’s Bible Study, we are studying John 1, 2 & 3.

All Women are welcome to attend!

*Tuesday-11:15am-Men’s Bible Study.  All Men are welcome to attend!

*Today-There will be a soup Luncheon following the Service hosted by the Ladies’ Auxiliary. The is a fund raiser through a free will offering. The theme is love.

*February 12th-Ladies Auxiliary Meeting at 1:30pm in the Church. Nancy Hopkins is going to talk about and display some of her quilting.

*February 21st-Lunch to 2:30pm- Adult Social-Learn Ping Pong Basics.

*March 1st The World Day of Prayer will be held at the Lutheran Church.

*March 17th-Mission Outreach meeting after Church

*March 23rd from 9a.m. – 9p.m.  The Fund Raising Committee is planning its annual Scrapbooking/Crafting Day. Coffee breaks, lunch and supper will be served.  A “make and take “ will be available as well as a draw for those in attendance.  Save the date. Cost is $45


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❤February❤ Newsletter 2019 is available. You can download it in our Messages Area.